Sunday, November 5, 2017


For the first time in the history, Italian city Florence crossed the boundaries and brought its most hidden treasures and crafts to showcase in New York. 
Held in one of the most significant districts of New York City  (Financial District - Maiden Lane), the Florence in New York Trade Show attracted a large number of local buyers, tourists, art, fashion, food and wine professionals, media journalists, and other visitors. Each artist was able to demonstrate his or her individuality and share some knowledge, creativity and personal stories of business’s success. 

I felt happy to be invited and participate in the event, as I had a chance to speak to most of the presenters, traders and organizers of the show. 
Many crafts surprised me with originality and design  (jewelry), some of the cosmetics were fantastic as well (soaps and gold masks). 
The collection of shoes and bags were impressive and stylish, and the home made decor and wooden furniture reminded me of the wooden items and textures that we used in my father’s country house that he built and decorated all by himself.I always have nostalgic feelings for our fun field family summer vacations that we spent away from a big city where I was raised.  

Through generations Florence has been known for creativity and a freedom of artistic expression. 
While in New York, creativity and individuality of each artist expressed throughout his crafts marked this event as a very unique and inspiring. 

I captured and still remember the welcoming spirit, friendliness and the generosity that fulfilled every conversation that I had, and every moment of the event including its food tasting, music performances, lectures, fashion show, coffee breaks, gifts sharing and more. 

Come again to New York, Florence! Otherwise, I might visit you myself. From now on you are on my list of most desirable travel destinations!

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