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How to teach Technology to PreK-1st graders? How to turn your class into an epic adventure? How to get going with Google while teaching Social Studies to 5th graders? How to engage parents and families in a meaningful  conversation using apps, social media and video chat? Can my 13 y.o. teenager create his/her own application?  Run a podcast? Compose and record his music tune on his own portable Apple device? 

Are those Smart Boards only for smart students? How do I use a Smart Board  to differentiate between 5 groups of students with different learning  and intellectual abilities? What is in there for international students and other diverse learners? Can I teach health, yoga and nutritions to my teenage daughter using Tech and Apps? 

All these and many other questions were positively answered during the fantastic and fun field Summit run by the NYC Department of Education in July 2017 at the LaGuardia High School, that is located in the heart of Manhattan, NYC. 
Luckily, I was invited, and consequently, I am still busy digesting all the material I received and ideas I learned during the Conference. 

Is technological advancement a reality or we still need some support from those who are in charge of creating new products? YES and NO. YES, because the variety of products available on the market is rapidly growing. And, NO because most of the products have similarities and it only takes a courage and creative thinking to absorb a new challenge. 

One of the examples of the products that we liked was the product called "Genius Plaza".  Genius Plaza provides access to culturally relevant, personalized learning content in math and the English Language Art for students from Pre-K to 12th grade. 

As we  learned it from our conversation with the owners: "Students move from passive learners to protagonists of their learning journey. As the first multicultural educational platform built for diverse communities, Genius Plaza has expanded its reach to close the academic achievement gap among students of different languages across the globe. The company was created by a diverse group of educators, programmers, designers, and leaders who believe that education is the only sustainable development vehicle that is available to all, with access as the only barrier".

We agree with the last statement and fully support the initiatives. We asked our friends and their families to join Coffee District for our first collaborative and 
( Free !) workshop to create some of the Tech products that will be available on your iPhones in the nearest future! Many Thanks to our sponsors and friends at !  

More articles, podcasts and interviews with inspiring people are in the works, so keep reading!

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