Wednesday, July 12, 2017

How to plan a Successful Event - a Case Study

A few weeks ago I met with many fantastic business owners and idea makers during the event called "Techsytalk" that took place in New York on June 2.2017. The event was organized by the event industry top specialist, and the NYU instructor Liz King. 

Imagine a large group of people is getting together to learn, collaborate, exchange and promote each other’  businesses.  The creative entrepreneurs from many different corners of the event planning industry dwelled as a family sharing mutual enthusiasm, ideas, knowledge and plans. The experience was great as the level of thinkers and doers invited to the event exceeded my expectations. The collaboration was well structured and well prepared, and I met speakers and event planning managers from all corners of this industry. 

I set next to and exchanged ideas with the business owner Liz Castelli while listening and learning from the FOX TV guest speaker female entrepreneur Becca Brown (Co-Founder 'The Solemates").
I learned from Alon Alroy and Dan Berger following their impressive speeches while exchanging ideas with other members of the "Bizzabo". I had a cup of coffee with other five business owners. Together we ate our lunches that were graciously offered by the event organizers. At the end of the event I had a chat with Liz King learning from her own experiences and thanking her for her generous invitation. 
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I would give a special applause and tell a couple of words about the fantastic food treats that were offered throughout the day.  Delicious breakfast included organic yogurts, bagels, cheeses, jelly, fruit salads, buttery scrambling eggs, and more followed by lunch, that included various salads and bites to accommodate all tastes and dietary restrictions.  

The cocktail and the tea bar were available throughout the day and the live musicians and a photo booth worked around the clock. 
In some brief terms I can say that the event delivered the best out of best, and the entertainment, the engagement of speakers, the food and space management were fantastic without any doubts.

I realized I was connected to many creative entrepreneurs and I felt overwhelmed with the amount of useful information I learned throughout the day. 
I implemented many strategies in my own event that my digital agency  Coffee District held in our SoHo office,  and it went fabulous! 
The purpose of our event was to connect some of my clients - the local organic food producers with a couple of private Bilingual schools in Manhattan to offer our children the best school breakfasts/lunches in the history! I had a moderate number of participants, we reached the agreements and we will continue with the effort in the future. 

In the conclusion I‘ll say that sharing is caring and the interconnectivity vs the strict individualism is the path to success. I am sure that the "Techsytalk" event had a positive impact on many peoples’ lives and I wish we could continue our collaboration, learning and exchange in the future. 

To find out more about the Techsytalk and Liz please visit her website:

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